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XRF-B Economic Rainproof Series

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24V 12.5A rainproof Conformal coated PCB power supply

Product Description
Product Specification

Anti-fire plastic parts; Conformal coated PCB; rainproof power supply

1) Sepcifications





Output Current




AC 200-240V



2 Years

2) Input Characteristics

Input Voltage: AC 200-240V

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Current: 3.2A Max (full loaded at the lower limited of input voltage range)

Inrush Current: 56 Amps Max. Cold start at 240Vac input, with rated load and 25℃ ambient.

Ac Leakage Current: 0.75mA Max. At 240Vac input

3) Output Characteristics

1. Output Power

Output Volt

Min. Load

Rated Load


Rated Output Power






2. Line Regulation

Output Volt

Min. Load

Rated Load

Line Regulation

Rated Output Power

Load Regulation







3. Ripple and Noise

Under nominal voltage and nominal load,the ripple and noise are as follows when measure with Max.Bandwidth of 20MHz and Parallel 47uF/0.1uF,crossed connected at testing point.

Output Volt

Ripple and Noise(Max.)


500mV p-p

4. Turn on delay time: 2Second 220Vac input and output Max.load.

5. Rise time:80 mS 240Vac input and output Max load.

6. Efficiency: 12V 84%Min; 24V86%Min;30V 88%Min, At 220Vac input voltage and full load calculation efficiency.

7. Overshoot: 10% Max.When power supply at turn or turn off.

4) Protection Functions:

1. Short circuit protection: auto recovered when short circuit faults remove.

2. Over current Protection: auto recovered when over current faults remove.

3. Over load protection: auto recovered when over current faults remove.


Drop test, Salt Spray Test, Surge test, Ageing test, lightning test, Temperature Variation test etc.

6)Safety Requirement

1.Safety Standard: 

Safety: Design by GB4943-2022,UL1012 standard.

2. Iusulation resistance: Primary to secondary:100MΩ min at 500V DC.

7) EMI Requirement

Designed according to the following standards:

1. EN55032B,ClassB

2. GB17625.1;EN61000-3-2,-3

3. EN55024;EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11

8)  Structurer


9) OEM

Customize label and Inner box

 10) Packing details Pack in a big brown carton outside and a box or a bubble bag per piece inside. (Or negotiate when order).


12)Company Information

Hunan Huaxin (WHOOSH) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.has specialized in LED AC to DC power supply manufacturing since 2004, located in Hunan province, in the central south of China. We have 6 production lines and 400 people in factory with 10,000 square meter, including the R&D team.

We have manufactured all kinds of LED power supply used for LED Sign, LED Advertising, LED Illumination, LED Screen, LED lightbox; CCTV Device, Industial Automation Facility, Electronic Communication Device, Medical Care Equipment, etc.

WHOOSH has passed ISO9001:2015 (certified by SGS) Quality Management System, Korea KC certification, EU CB Certification, CE, ROHS, CCC, EMS, LVD, IP67 Waterproof Level Certifications etc.

What's more, defective rate is less than 1% within 2 years.

--We are on exhibitions!

Each year we have 3-4 domestic exhibitions (ISLE, SIGN CHINA, SHANGHAI LIGHT EXPO etc.) and 2-3 overseas exhibitions ( Asian, Middle East etc.)

--Honor & Certifications:

ISO9001:2015 (certified by SGS) Quality Management System, Korea KC certification, EU CB Certification, CE, ROHS, CCC, EMS, LVD, IP67 Waterproof Level Certifications etc.


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, 1pc is available if needed.


Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: Normally the MOQ for commercial order is 1 carton for each kind of product.

However, 1pc can be available to support for your trail order, welcome to inquiry.


Q: Is there any discount?

A: Of course. Price is based on your quantity. We are committed to supplying best price for every customer.


Q: How about delivery time?

A: 1-25days which depends on detail items and quantity.


Exporting port:Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yiwu, Lianyungang, Tashkent, etc. Guangzhou is the nearest port.


After-sales service:

A strong factory since 2004 and 400 employees, top 5 biggest manufacturer in China to support the aftersales.

We will always behind you to support you with less than 1% natural defective rate.

Payment term:T/T, Western Union, PayPal, or negotiate when order.

Any needs, we are always here for you.

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