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Product power is the driving force of brand development

Publish Time: 2024-01-02Views: 33

Analysis of the service project of Wuhan Sixin Sports Park Ski Resort of Huaxin Power Supply


Wuhan Sixin Sports Park Ski Hall is located in Lot A10 of Sixin Fangdao area, west of Zonggang Road and north of Sixin South Road, Hanyang District. This project is the New Green Cultural Tourism Phoenix Bay and Sports Park project. Upon completion, it will be the largest, most comprehensive, and best-located large-scale comprehensive sports supporting facility in Central China. During the construction process, the sign light source and lighting system have the following requirements:

Signage light source requirements: It is necessary to set up a clear, eye-catching, and easy-to-understand signage system, using high-brightness, durable LED lamps with waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics.

Lighting system requirements: A bright, safe and energy-saving lighting system is needed. It uses high-quality LED lamps, has intelligent brightness and color control functions, is waterproof and dust-proof, and adopts low-power design to achieve energy saving. Environmentally friendly effect.

LED power supply requirements: High-quality LED electronic displays are required, which are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. They adopt low-power consumption designs while ensuring the stability and reliability of the display.


WHOOSH HXF-GC rainproof power supply make a dramatic entrance into Wuhan Sixin Sports Park Ski Hall with its five major advantages:

1. AC 200V-240V
2. Constant voltage and constant current
3. IP25 semi-glue processing
4. Long-life electrolytic capacitor
5. Suitable for -40°C environment
6. SC, OV, OL protections


WHOOSH LED driver has always been committed to creating innovative and high-quality power products, which has become the driving force for the brand's upward development.

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