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70th Anniversary National Day Case

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To celebrate 70th anniversary foundation of People’s Republic of China(PRC), there were floats in front of Tiananmen Square. With the theme of Building a Chinese Dream Together, the march was divided into Founding and Construction of the PRC , Reform and Opening Up China and Achieve Great Rejuvenation. 36 phalanxes and 70floats to build a visual feast. Looking back the past 70 years, all moments demonstrate the PRC endured great hardships in pioneer work to progress toward current prosperity and strength.

The responsible person of local ones of 70 floats took into accounts overall effect and highlight characteristics of each province(region and city) and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan regions.


These wonderful floats, however,  need to meet long-term power supply needs and stable power supply. Those are the basis of ensuring normal operation of floats. With nearly 20 years power development technology, WHOOSH Electronic provided  reliable power supply solution and guarantee the successive held of anniversary.



The Project used WHOOSH Electronic.

HXF-GC Series Semi-potted Rainproof Power Supply

Mainly Used for Outdoor lighting project under High Temperature, Heavy Dust and Saline Environment

HXF-GC/C Rainproof Series Specifications:

AC input voltage: 200-240V

Constant voltage and constant current

400W Intelligent control of output: intelligent over load protection

Semi-potted interior: IP25

Long lifespan electrolytic capacitors: ensures the product lifespan

Protections for safety: short circuit, over voltage, over load protections

Aging test:100% full load aging test before delivery ensuring 100% pass rate -40℃workable, also playing its role in harsh environmental conditions


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