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New Products Launch

Publish Time: 2023-12-20Views: 39

Product Specifications

● 32-bit high-performance microprocessors - Digital control schemes, precise control without flicker

● Soft-on driver flicker gradually

● Apply to all LED strips without compatibility problems

● Synchronous slow start of multiple units and repeatable slow start

● Support for 0.01% deep dimming, eight color lightness for choose

● Semi-potted design and flame retardant plastic shell to ensure double insulation

● Fanless design

● Customizable for slow start time and light brightness

● Short circuit, over voltage, automatic constant voltage and constant current overload protection

● Exquisite and patented appearance design

● Keying option to prevent wrong wiring


Product introduction

● The new generation of plastic housing products(QL series power supply) developed by WHOOSH Electronic combined with market demand, using a slender and fully enclosed shell design to completely eliminate the intrusion of external dust and other foreign matter.

● With brand-new design and exquisite appearance, QL Series products binding characteristics of dimming power supply in products features and also control power output with 32-bit microprocessor aiming to precisely adjust the light brightness. QL ones ensure consistency of the slow start time of multiple power supplies, be able to accurate calculation of the slow start time. Slow start and high degree of comfort are QL products main features. Built-in eight lightness option, QL products are artifacts for decoration design. The products apply to home decoration, hotels, office buildings and commercial lighting.

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